KIND ERGO acts in a mindful way...

KIND ERGO offers children an open space where they are are able to feel, observe, self-experiment and self-discover. They do this through motion, arts and crafts, baking or playing, during which activities they can freely experiment with their bodies and movements without fear of their actions being judged as right or wrong.

We support a natural learning curve - a learning process that allows children to combine and complement their understanding of their own world, the world that feels safe and familiar, with new experiences in a free and harmonious way.

We focus on the one hand on the goals the child would like to achieve in every day actions, and the skills and abilities needed to reach these goals. On the other hand we focus on HOW the child does the things he or she does.

We can see very clearly when a child is acting conciously and mindfully - They are then awake, present, calm and fully absorbed in their momentary action.