In Occupational therapy, we accompany children and their families and try to help them in a practical way to make their everyday life easier and more understandable.

In our work as mindful occupational therapists we are always looking for ways to achieve and bring about more serenity, peace of mind and empathy within a family, during their interactions with one another.

We also want to support children and their parents to gain an understanding of themselves and their development processes. Our goal is always that parents and their children can move towards experiencing a greater sense of fulfillment, peace and happiness in their lives.


Ultimately is not WHAT we are doing that really matters,

but HOW we do what we are doing.


A great, attentive Team of 5 Woman and a dog await you in a beautiful practice on the lake Zurich and work together on this vision and attitude!

We look forward to you!


The team are:

Priska Sibold, Practice Owner

Cornelia Ramseyer

Vivien Meyer

Michelle Beljean

Silja Ecke