Prisca Sibold

„With a child, every day becomes an adventure.
from sand to a castle
from colors to a painting
from a puddle to an ocean
from plans to surprises
and from habits to

For 25 years I have accompanied children and their families to try to help them in practical ways, in order to make their lives simpler and easier to understand. As adults we are sometimes unable to comprehend the behavior of our children. For whatever reason or whatever form it may take, when our child suffers or faces difficulties, be they personal issues, problems at school or with peers, we are affected as well. The biggest challenge for us all, whether we are an adult or child, is holding on to our sense of self and well-being in all the chaos of daily life.

In my work I am always looking for ways to achieve and bring about more serenity, peace of mind and empathy within a family, during their interactions with one another. I also want to support children and their parents to gain an understanding of themselves and their development processes. My goal is always that parents and their children can move towards experiencing a greater sense of fulfillment, peace and happiness in their lives.

Ultimately is not WHAT I am doing that really matters, but HOW I do what I am doing.

Mindfulness allows me to strive for a conscious state of mind and friendly action in my personal as well as in my professional life. When I focus on how I’m doing something, rather than only on what I am doing, the result is always better and I feel happier and more relaxed. When I do something, I do it out of love for the cause, creating a positive atmosphere with empathy and honesty, which is the foundation for open and honest communication and action.
For me, KIND AND MINDFUL means to be present in the moment, experiencing and accepting the now without judgement. In both my professional and personal life, mindfulness means that it is possible to be very busy, yet at the same time inwardly striving for a calm, relaxed and accepting state of mind.

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